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Welcome to eMERG

eMERG – Engineering Manufacturer Entrepreneurs Resource Group.

registered under the Societies Act, established in 2006, is a not for profit, network of women in engineering, technology & services, started by 7 women entrepreneurs in the Electronics, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering manufacturing sector.

The members have wide experience in enterprise management, have traveled extensively and have a desire to contribute to the society, by playing a vital role in the economic growth of the country. Their key strengths and expertise lies in identifying the problems faced by the SME’s and to find solutions for .the progress of this sector, with a special focus on women. Mutual Co operation, Co ordination and Co existence forms the premise’ of their objectives.

eMERG dreams

Enterprising entrepreneurs & executives in the engineering, technology & services sector

  • Working together professionally
  • Being innovative
  • Exploring synergies
  • Growing globally and sharing their experience for the benefit of society